It’s a Spiritual Counseling Session.  As a Spiritual Intuitive we work together to access the higher self and channel the Divine for clarity and purpose.

We will view things from the perspective of the soul.  We will look at the practical aspects of your life but will focus on the deeper meaning of the soul’s purpose.  We will explore the soul’s lessons and provide meaningful insight based on spiritual experience, helping you to develop broader perspectives, align with your true self, understand energy patterns, release blocked energy and transmute thought patterns.  We will address the unconscious beliefs that actively constrict perspectives and help you come into loving situations and relations.

A reading is used to empower you, help access your inner knowing, and understand your gifts, abilities, talents, and strengths. Awaken you to your divine connection and help you live your highest potential.  Develop a sense of purpose, a deeper appreciation for life beyond physical and material world and increase intuition. Connect you with departed, guides and angels.

We will use spiritual tools.  I am a Spiritual Intuitive and work with guides, angelic beings, the Ascended Masters and the departed.  I receive visions and messages. No question is out of the ordinary.  My style is relaxed and down-to-earth.  I suggest books, meditations and areas of exploration to help you move forward into consciousness.  Helping you live a life that is rich and useful. The nature of the deep inner work in a session may bring you in touch with intense emotions.  Remain open and allow the changes that may come into your life.

Reading:  An intuitive reading is 50 minutes and $90.

A session allows us the opportunity to explore specific situations, relationships and decisions in your life. Address the direction actions and priorities are currently leading you.  Allows the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on a deeper level.

Private readings are scheduled by appointment only and are conducted by phone, face time or Skype.  We will begin the session on time, please be in a quiet place where you are relaxed, comfortable and will not be disturbed during the scheduled time.  Before the session please spend time in contemplation with a journal.  Write down questions and areas you want clarity on.  This is essential to ensure nothing will be forgotten during our session.

Schedule Today

Cancellation & rescheduling policy. 24 hour notice in the event of a cancellation.

Sessions are completely confidential unless you express interest in doing harm to yourself or other people, property or animals.  If you have an acute medical, emotional or physical condition, please inform me.  I will not diagnose or prescribe for any physical, mental or emotional condition.  Should you have concerns contact a licensed health practitioner.  This service is for spiritual assistance.  

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