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Since childhood I’ve searched to understand life’s eternal questions and explore my relationship to Divine Spirit. Growing up I was given freedom and encouragement to question religion and God, to form my own opinions.  My early influence of The Episcopal Church, Church of Nature and Buddhism  shaped my spiritual foundation. Blending skepticism and reverence, I’ve searched for an alternative spiritual life, not taking religion as is, but creating my own relationship to Spirit. I seek to understand and erase the distinction between me and Divine Nature.  My journey has been a playground for exploration and experimentation, it encompasses all religions, beliefs and cultures.  My spiritual life is rooted in freedom:  free-spirited, free-form, free of rules. Free to be me and you.

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Rose City Girl was created in 2008. The name “Rose City Girl” was derived from my experience of building my connection to Divine Nature and nature as divine.   “Rose City” is a nickname for Portland and a rose has the highest vibration in nature, while “Girl” is about finding the joy, humor and innocence through the process of self discovery and awareness.

The Rose City is a quirky, fun and interesting town. Often called, A Republic of Tree Huggers, it is dominated by trees with nature commanding the attention. Parks, gardens, the coast, the forest, the gorge and mountains surround you. The profuse beauty assaults you; all is green and constantly growing.  The largest urban park and the oldest public rose test garden in the United Sates are in the middle of the city.  Portland is a beautiful one of a kind town cultivating a deep human to nature connection.  As a native Portlander the wild wood around has a profound influence on my belief of nature as Spiritual Expression.  I experience nature as mystical and find it difficult to debate the presence of God. This belief and connection is the foundation of my spiritual life.

I started Rose City Girl to explore life from the perspective of the soul.  I’ll share personal stories and experiences from a spiritual point of view. I’ll share resources and inspiration to bring forth new ideas and feed your soul. I’ll give you steps to deepen your spiritual connection and show you how to connect with your divine nature.


As a Spiritual Intuitive, I channel the Divine for clarity and purpose. I empower you to access your inner knowing and to understand the facets of your life. A Reading will awaken you to your divine connection and help you live your highest potential.  Help you develop a sense of purpose, a deeper appreciation for life beyond physical and material world and increase intuition.

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing system that harmonizes body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a form of healing that uses universal life energy (known as:  Chi, Ki or Prana) channeled though the practitioner. In 2000 I became a Reiki Master to ignite my spiritual growth and heal my self. I’ve used Reiki extensively in my professional career and personal life, including private settings, hospitals, birth centers, nursing homes and healing at a distance.

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