How to Prepare for a Reading

Get the most out of your reading.

Gather your thoughts.

Take some time to think about questions you want answered or areas you are seeking clarity. Phrase questions to receive answers. Asking why, how or what leads to deeper exploration.  Avoid yes or no questions, be specific and clear when possible. Write your questions down and prioritize them.  Refer to them during your reading.

Spirit communicates in its own manner.

You will hear what is most important. If you are expecting to hear something and do not, don’t discount the reading. Please ask for clarification. Often things may not make sense at the reading but clarity will come later. 

Answers to questions.

If you ask a question that you already know the answer and receive the same answer from me, this is your intuition at play.  Often we will receive an answer we didn’t want to receive or we don’t like or have a hard time trusting intuition.   Accept the information you are given, when you reflect back it may have deep meaning.


Eliminate all distractions. Take some time to collect yourself before the reading. It is important to focus your attention on the reading.  It will keep the energy flowing and give you a clearer reading. Be open to possibilities.  Be open to participation.  Have fun!

Take notes.

A lot of detail is covered and can be hard to remember. Write thoughts and impressions down so that you can review later.   It may seem insignificant and not make sense in the moment, but may become clear later or a friend /family will confirm the information.

Fortune Telling.

Please do not ask me to do Fortune Telling or Predict the Future.  Readings with spirit are for healing and growth, empowering you to make decisions on future outcomes, not a quick fix.

Blocked Answers.

Please be prepared for the fact that spirit may not reveal everything or want you to know everything.  Some answers may be blocked from you for various reasons.  It may be something you have been receiving the answer to and ignoring or the timing isn’t right, or you are in a period of growth or learning.

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